Cat’s are a law unto themselves :)

AS we all know cats consider us their servants and not the other way around. dear Sam came to me as an adult called “puss” which I felt was most undignified so I renamed him “Sam the Man” as he did have an air about him. He settled in quickly all those years ago and I have now been his housekeeper for the past 12 years or so. He is getting older now and much slower and spends even more time sleeping in the sunniest spots he can find. He and Poppy maintain a truce most of the time though now and then he swipes her if she comes too close and she of course backs and snaps at him from the safety of my bed when he is on the floor. He is getting thin now though so I give him extra treats and try to make him happy. he too has brought me joy , curled up on my lap on a cold winters night, purring next to my ear when I wake up some mornings. Oh and I must not forget he does not like me working on the “machine ” and most times tries to sit on my keyboard or sits dribbling on it 😦  I found the perfect coaster that has a black cat sitting on a laptop and saying now try and ignore me  🙂  They live their lives from day to day and don’t worry about tomorrow so that’s what we need to practice. What are your pussy cat thought’s?

IMG_0068 Sam in the sun


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