Sailing in a new direction

Friday the 23 January finds me taking shelter from the heat of the day In my craft room and so I have done a second page in my art journal. I am pleased with it as I wanted to illustrate my sense of anything is possible now. I have no demands on MyTime other than those I put on myself. It is wonderful to be able  to choose to  take Poppy for a walk in the early morning coolness, to come home and take a refreshing drink and relax. Then do some chores ( they still need to be done ) . I am getting organised to go away tomorrow off to Blenheim to meet up with Garth and Renee who are coming up to Renee’s grandmother . Then next Wednesday I will head down to Christchurch for a few days with them before flying back home. i have arranged a house sitter to look after Poppy and Sam and water the plants etc. so I am pleased about that.  Here is my second page of art Journalling  🙂



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