Creativity where does it come from?


Hi everyone, yesterday we travelled from Blenhiem to Christchurch down the east coast of the South island. It was so nice sitting in the back seat relaxing and watching the wonderful scenery passing by. The sea was such a Gorgeous colour I was trying to capture it in my head when I suddenly thought of trying to use my camera through the window. It sort of worked and then my son slowed down so I could open the window. He also stopped at a spot where I could get relatively close to seals basking on rocks and I took several of those. Today we headed into Christchurch City to a stamp shop where I had to restrain my self as they had so many wonderful stamps for my card crafts and art journal. Then we went to the Restart shopping complex which is completely made up of shipping containers turned into small shops. I had been before but I am always impressed by the creative way the shop owners use these restrictive buildings to make a place that welcomes their customers. Along the way I saw the wall painted with quotes which were so good I got Garth to take a photo of me next to them of course I am pointing to one in particular.  What gets your creativity flowing? landscapes, people, sounds, music emotions or a mix of several? For me I think it is colour, shape and energy mixed such as the constantly changing sea. I can’t wait till I get home and can put paint into my journal and some of my new stamps and a stencil I bought as well …….. Cheers Lynne


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