Art journaling again yippee

Finally tonight I made the time to sit down and play with my art journal paints and stamps. Can you remember the photos I took on holiday cause this page is a play   on one of them .  It was great to get into my art again. I also finished another project for my Stamping Group which I have just joined. They set a challenge each month and at the December meeting we were given an Easter themed sticker to do something with for the February meeting. I will reveal it after our meeting I am quite proud of what I came up with and am looking forward to see what the rest of the group did.

Art is so individual to each person, I remember a friend once saying that a picture of mine was okay but that I needed to learn the techniques (she is a very good artist ) it actually put me off doing anything for quite sometime. Now I don’t care I am doing it for me and it does not have to be perfect. I am learning to play again. 😆😋🎨

Art journal
Art journal

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