Morning walk with Poppy

Today is a beautiful summers morning blue sky no clouds and slightly cool. Perfect I decided to get up and take my little Poppy for a surprise walk. Surprise because I don’t often leap out of bed early and go for a walk lol. She could not believe I was putting on my walking shoes and bounced around the room from the bed to the floor and back again and ran to the door looking back with her head on a tilt which looks adorable.

So off we went and it was lovely I enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine and fairly quiet streets except my own which has a school on it and all the mums and dads were arriving with their kids. We walked briskly for 30 minutes with Poppy smelling wonderful things in the way dogs do. Now we are back home and after a big drinkPoppy relaxed 2014-2-11 she is lolling on the bed. Of cause she is a diva so she sees the camera and poses.Poppy 2014 -2-11Now I am sitting at my computer to write this blog and what happens, yep Sam decided he needed a bit of attention and did what all cats do …Sam now try and ignore me 2014-2-11Well he got his cuddles and off he went so now I am busy typing. I am off with some friends for a drive today way out the back of Stratford to a place called Whangamomona or as my dear old dad used to say when we asked him where we were going “beyond the black stump” It was always an adventure when Dad said that. So I must away catch you later.



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