Soaking up the sun’s warmth

imageThis morning  Sam my old cat is sitting in his usual place dozing in the sun while I read the newspaper in bed. Cats just know where the warmth is to be found and then they soak it up. It is autumn now but we are having a very long Indian summer, the farmers and those of us with gardens are now crying out for rain. However the sun is shining the rain clouds stay away and the kids at the school over the road are enjoying playing in the morning sun before school starts.

How wonderderfil to be so carefree and not worrying about the tasks that need to be done and to relax and enjoy natures gifts. Of course when it gets too hot Sam moves. To a shady place and carrys on snoozing. Poppy meanwhile is also snoozing  on the end of the bed  the sun has not reached her yet but I am sure she knows it will. Poppy also listens to the cars parking outside bringing the children to school and wakes up to growl at them, after all no one is supposed to park out side our place ( or so she thinks ) I block the cat/dog door to the front yard now or she races outside barking furiously  at every car.

I love both my pets and appreciate their differences just as I apreciate the differences between my family and my friends it is something we all need to do. There is great debate on here at the moment over foreign drivers in New Zealand causing accidents. We drive on the left side of the road and our roads are narrow and twisty in places. It has got very emotive as there have been some deaths due to poor driving But there are just as many really bad New Zealand drivers and the statistics are showing that tourist accidents have not increased over the past ten years so it is a lot of media hype that is feeling the situation. We want tourists to come and enjoy our country yet we are now discriminating against them. I do not know the answers but let’s stop the shouting and find kind ways to approach the one sets out to deliberately drive badly or kill someone else or their own family on the road.

Upward and onward the day is calling me my friends may the sun be shining for you


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