Peace ?

Yesterday I was moved to paint in blue and purple and it ended up looking a little stormy then I used a feather stencil and this brought the word Peace to my mind. I guess there is so much happening around the centenary of the First World War and ANZAC day is approaching  that I have been feeling how futile it all is. My grandfather went away to fight the  war to end all wars , my father fought in the Second World War and for what I ask myself?  Humans are still fighting all over the planet, they are utterly inhumane to one another. All sides have undertaken torture in the name of their country or religion, Individuals use religious fervour as an excuse to murder and maim yet all religions appear to preach love and forgiveness. Those in power be it secular (or religious) through the ages have used genicide and torture to rid themselves of apponents. Why do we poor humans think anything is going to change. The answer is of course that many of us also live in hope that human beings will one day reach a higher plane on the evolution scale and learn to resolve matters without violence and live in peace and love. please let it be soon. image


One thought on “Peace ?

  1. Aunt Beulah April 11, 2015 / 5:28 am

    I made it to your blog today and have enjoyed reading here and there in it. This post stands out for me because I have been working on a newspaper column about the Vietnam war, and my mind has been bursting with thoughts like yours. And, as you say, though the world’s history would argue otherwise, I continue to hope that we humans will evolve to a better place.


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