Relishing life

image Life has been busy these past couple of weeks, been out with friends, busy in the garden, celebrating family birthday and having a good time. My summer crops have been good though a little slow due to lack of  rain but have been getting a steady supply of tomatoes to yesterday I made a small batch of tomatoe relish. I use an old recipe of my grandmothers and it always bring back memories of her when I make it. She was great, still played bowls and rode a bicycle in her early eighties. She taught me to play cribbage and many other card games. She had a tiny kitchenette where she cooked for large family gatherings often, though there was also a coal fire range in the dining room. There was a large old wooden table which we all sat around to have good old Sunday roasts and yummy food. All very plain but well cooked and lots of gravy. I can remember card evenings when we all played children’s games in the early evening then the adults would play euchre or 500. I learnt my maths by playing these games particularly cribbage.

My regret is that these days children do not get this opportunity to sit around with family and play games like these. They teach you so many social skills as well as maths and are fun to do in cross generational groups.

I am busy packing for a trip to Australia to see a cousin in Perth and then friends in Brisbane, but I hope to continue my blog and keep you all informed of my travels. Heres  a  a picture of Nana Walker’s Relish made by me 😋


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