The Wanderer Returns

Hello everyone, I have been away for five weeks visiting friends and cousins in Australia. I was going to keep this blog going but found that the Ipad does not work well with wordpress ( or maybe I should say that I find it difficult). So now it is catch up time. Over the next few days I will share my trip with you and my photos. I hope you enjoy them. I travelled to Perth with my cousin Rose and we stayed with an other cousin from  the other side of my family Peter and his wife Liz. Perth is the furthest distance from New Zealand to a city in Australia and so I had only visited once before. I was looking forward to sharing my adventure with Rose. We landed after a long day flying from New Plymouth to Auckland then via Sydney to Perth and in so doing crossed a couple of time zones Perth is 5 hours behind New Zealand. Friday was a lazy day sitting by and swimming in the pool but that night we were taken into Perth city centre by train for a Night Noodle Market Experience. This was a lot of fun with yummy food to try. We then found a decadent chocolate dessert restaurant to complete our evening. We all travelled back on the train feeling replete and happy 🙂 – chocolate does that you know. Do you love chocolate?

DSCF4647 DSCF4648 DSCF4649 DSCF4656 DSCF4654


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