Going Down


In the corner of South West Australia we were exploring there were at least four sets of caves for tourists to visit. we chose the easier one called Mammoth Cave. This was so named because bones had been found there, an Australian Megafauna.  which looked pictorially like a very large boar or bear type of animal. Sorry I don’t have a photo of this. Mammoth cave was easy to access and there were not too many stairs so it was a good one for me. I was not too sure as I do not really like going into small spaces but decided not to be chicken. However it was actually a very large cave easy to access  with high ceilings for the most part and wonderful Stalactites. It was very sympathetically lit and I did not use my flash much as the light bounced around.DSCF4757 DSCF4758 DSCF4759

A particularly beautiful spot was called “the Amber Shawl” it was a thin layer of “rock or stalactite” but a light backlit it and it was lovely.

amber shawl - Mammoth Cave
amber shawl – Mammoth Cave

You walk through the cave exploring different areas and then come out to an opening where you climb quite a lot of stairs up out of the cave.

exit of Mammoth cave
exit of Mammoth cave

I loved Jean Auel’s books about the early man and the cave dwellers and find myself remembering them when I am in a cave. Thinking about what  it would have been to live there, through the seasons, fires and smoke and dark oh so dark except for fires and twig torches or early candles.  I  am not sure that I could live like that I like open spaces and views. There would be no doubt these caves were used by the Aboriginal  of Australia.

If we had had more time it would have been good to have explored at least one of the other caves. We have caves in New Zealand of course and the most famous is the Waitomo Caves which are on most tourist maps. They are very expansive and there are glow worms too , many years ago you were able to get on a boat and glide on a lake very quietly to look up to the roof and see them all twinkling away. It was a magical experience. Not sure if this is still available well worth going if it is.

have you explored any caves? Could you be a cave dweller?

Cheers Lynne



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