Swimming in Winter

The warm waters of the Indian ocean Rockingham  West Australia
The warm waters of the Indian ocean Rockingham West Australia

This week I decided it was time to venture out to my local swimming pool and try a different exercise regime.  I like being in water as you can see in this photo although I am not a very good swimmer I can manage a very slow breast stroke.

I meet an acquaintance in the supermarket last week who had just retired and she was telling me about how she was going to the pool each day, meeting lots of people and getting fitter. She said she was walking in the pool rather than swimming. Why didn’t I join them she asked? Hmm I thought,  why not!

So on Monday I rang my new swimming buddy and told her that I was coming. I knew otherwise I would chicken out . It was a cold grey miserable sort of day but off I went. It was great the pool area is lovely and warm to walk into and the water was comfortable to swim in ( tepid )  the added bonus was a hot pool to warm up in afterwards where everyone gathered and caught up with news.

I came home tingling and feeling really alive.

Why is it that we often need that PROD from someone else to get us going? Many times I have thought about going somewhere or to something but I don’t because I do not want to go on my own. I am usually a confident person but there are places or occasions when a companion by my side helps. Yesterday I headed back to the pool this time taking a friend who also needed my “prod” to go so I am now spreading the word. My goal is to go a minimum of twice a week if I make three days a week that will be an added bonus.

cheers Lynne


One thought on “Swimming in Winter

  1. Aunt Beulah May 20, 2015 / 2:16 pm

    Swimming is such a great exercise and kind to old knee joints as well. Like you, I’m not a skilled swimmer, but I like doing it.

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