Food and taxes

Poster, "Food Guide Pyramid: A Guide to Daily Food Choices" Record Group 462 Still Pictures Identifier: 462-CNP-1 Rediscovery Identifier: 22788
Poster, “Food Guide Pyramid: A Guide to Daily Food Choices”
Record Group 462
Still Pictures Identifier: 462-CNP-1
Rediscovery Identifier: 22788

Good morning everyone. I am lucky to be nice and warm inside as outside it is vey cold wet and windy today. At least we are not snowed in like a lot of the rest of New Zealand.

I am exercised to write today because there was an item on the news last night and in the paper this morning about taxing our food! This upsets me because we are becoming such a Nana state and no one takes responsibility for what they do. The answer to everything seems to be tax it!. I have to explain to those of my followers in the rest of the world that all our food is already taxed at 15% GST  so why more? The excuse proponents use is that it worked for smokers and has dropped the numbers of smokers and saved many dollars in health so they think they should tax dairy food, eggs and meat as they have fat in them, of course salt and sugar has also been mentioned and fast food. these taxes will supposedly stop obesity and mean savings in our Health budget.

My real concern is that we need these food groups to survive ( smoking is a choice eating is not) I also know that now I am on a limited income I do not eat meat every day as I can not afford to it is already quite expensive. I do enjoy eggs as they hold all essential proteins, fats and vitamins. dairy I eat a little of but that’s because I have never liked milk even as a child. There are many people in New Zealand that are on fixed incomes or low incomes that can not afford  good quality food now like fresh vegetables fruit and meat  so imagine what taxes will do. we will have anemic people who will have no energy or strength to get up and move will that help.

I firmly believe that there are many other underlying reasons why people in the western world are becoming so obese, the highly processed food, the opportunity to get fast food, the fact that portion sizes have got bigger and bigger and the additives to food must all play a part.  I feel that there is too much emphasis on the way we look and modern social media does not help in this. The dietary businesses makes huge money from our need to get “slim” and fit in.

I think we all need less stress in our lives, less seeking of “happiness’ and instead seek contentment with our lives and getting back to the simpler ways of living. If we were all able to achieve this maybe the world would be a healthier and better place.


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