Spring Blossoms

1st September 2015 the first day of Spring  the daffodils are nodding their heads and the magnolia tree outside my bedroom window has just started to flower. Its beautiful big pink blossoms are lovely but we have wet windy weather so I am not  sure how long I will have to enjoy them. The other day I was thrilled to look out my kitchen window and there in the birdbath on my Bar-b-cue table was a thrush having a wonderful time bathing in the warm water (It was a sunny afternoon) It is the first time I have seen a bird in it I guess the absence of my dear old Sam might have something to do with that :). By the time I found my camera it had flown away but I know now there will be more occasions for me to stand watch and enjoy their antics.These are the moments I treasure.


One thought on “Spring Blossoms

  1. Aunt Beulah September 8, 2015 / 11:16 am

    Such moments grace my life as well, though in my case it is watching the leaves begin to change and feeling the days grow cooler. I loved reading about spring arriving in your part of the world.


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