Sustainable living

it is so rewarding to be able to pick fruit and vegetables fresh from my garden I feel a real sense of satisfaction. My garden is not large as a whole but I have several raised garden beds for my Veges one is right out side my kitchen window

Kitchen garden
Kitchen garden

this spring I have also had a lovely display of bulbs at my door they are in a container I picked up for free when looking for pallets

Spring welcome at front door
Spring welcome at front door

Yesterday I decided to make bread for the first time in about 35 years. From scratch as it were I don’t have a bread machine. So I used an old recipe for an easy whole meal loaf which does not require kneeding I had got the ingredients during my last grocery shop so was all prepared. How great it was to experience again the smell of yeast rising, of the bread baking and of course that first mouthful of fresh out of the oven. The anticipation rose as I waited through each process. Wow yum 🙂

Fresh homemade bread
Fresh homemade bread

Of course I still have to get the ingredients for baking and seeds for the garden etc from shops but I am enjoying my new relaxed plenty of time life style. This is my first retirement Spring so I have been watching all the birds building nests and tweeting away all the day. I spend a little time everyday in my garden and those jobs I have been putting off while I wait for warmer weather are coming closer. So must away now to my next project whatever that may be…….. Lynne


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