Farewell to Poppy

Ears flying in the wind Princess Poppy

When we loose a pet who has brought joy and laughter fun and love into our lives it hits us in the heart and we find our lives depleted. Sadly my dear little Poppy became very ill suddenly and though my vets tried their best for her she did not make it and I lost her on the 30th of December. It made the closing of the year very sad and instead of celebrating the New year as I usually do I retreated into myself  and grieved.

We need to do this and give ourselves time to cope with loss no matter whether it is a pet a family member or a friend. We all do it in our own ways as well. My family and friends were all incredibly supportive as I knew they would be. The neighbours who always walked their dog past our gate and talked to Poppy as she and their dog raced up and down the fence barking at each other were most upset and brought me a card and biscuits. Another friend who was away at the time visited this week with flowers and condolences.

My house is so empty without Poppy bouncing around barking when people go past and excitedly barking to tell me friends are arriving. She always curled up on my knee whenever I sat down and at night slept on my bed. Having lost Sam my cat earlier last year I am finding it very quiet and still around the house.

She came into my life as a rescued waif and was afraid and timid. Gradually as she learned to trust me she changed into a joyful and loving companion.I only had to think walk and she sensed it and was bouncing up and down by the door and when it came to baths it was uncanny because she did not like them and even though I would try to “sneak” up on her she seemed again to know what I was thinking and would disappear under the bed where I could not reach her so then I had to woo her out. I have so many happy memories that I am using to keep going on my sad moments

My nephew helped my bury her in a special spot in my back Garden. There is a seat of flowers that I already had there so Poppy is safely behind it in the corner and I have planted poppies and more flowers in that corner which I look on to from the kitchen.

So I close this post with one of my favourite pictures of Poppy taken several years ago on Raglan Beach  she will always be remembered with Love.





5 thoughts on “Farewell to Poppy

  1. Elisabet January 19, 2016 / 1:25 am

    I am sorry for your loss. I have been there many times and it is heartwrenching.


    • Lynne C Walker January 19, 2016 / 7:40 am

      Thank you yes it is my third dog but this one hit me harder because it was so unexpected I think


  2. Aunt Beulah January 26, 2016 / 8:44 am

    What an attractive, personality-filled pet your Poppy was; and what a beautiful exploration of love, loss and grief you provided with your words. I’m sorry for your loss.


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