I am very proud to share this Taranaki You tube with all my followers.

This is the wonderful place where I live and this video shows our spirit and friendliness


Family Holidays part 4

Invercargill  road trip  After a quiet day recovering form our trip to Milford Sound we set of on a round trip to Invercargill capital of the South We stopped on the way to view an old suspension bridge at Clifton then went to visit  the Southland Museum and the Bill Richardson Transport World Museum . Both were very good and great to do on a wet miserable day. We saw Tuatara at the Southland Museum and a Burt Munro exhibit then headed to the World transport Museum. This was a great place not only did it have lots of Fords but they also had outstanding wearable art costumes on display and we spent a lot of time there. Lunch in the city and a wee bit of retail therapy before we headed back to Te Anau.


bye Lynne

Family Holidays part 3

Oops I have been a while getting back to my holiday story but that’s life. 🙂 Our Trip to Milford sound had been planned with great anticipation, and high hopes for a lovely fine day. In reality we must  have struck one of the wettest days of May. I have never seen rain like it but with this rain came the most magnificent water falls. All along the valley on the way to Milford Sound The hills were literally covered by a wall of water  and the rivers were raging.. Nature at its best.


When we got to Milford we were booked on a cruise of the sounds and this was amazing, as there were just so many waterfalls. Even though it was very wet and windy I was determined to get out in the weather and take photos. This was part of my Bucket list so well rugged up away I went. Hanging on to rails , taking photos with one hand at times and getting the spray on my face and the camera. Please forgive the photos as they are not the best but capture the moment.

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It was an exhilarating trip on the boat for me and my son who also took some really good photos with a much better camera. Unfortunately my daughter in law was not feeling too good and she stayed below inside in the warm. It was an amazing day and we were all tired by the time we drove home to Te Anau as it is a two hour drive each way so it was a long day.

More of our adventures soon I promise



Holidays with the family Part 2

Lake Te Anau , the gateway to Fiordland national park was to be our destination for 6 days as we explored the area. We had a lovely day driving from Kaka Point  To Te Anau stopping at small towns along the way for coffees and photo opportunities. This was Gore a very nice rural town with a great entrance. Salmon country.

Lake Te Anau is a the largest and deepest lake in Fiordland the town is small and caters to holiday makers and tourists. It is the stepping off point for Milford Sound and for several walking and biking tracks. In summer there would be lots of boats I suspect but the town was bunkering down for winter as some of the restaurants were closed. But we found two excellent ones on recommendations from friends.It was very wet and rained most of the time and one photo shows the lake was so high it had submerged a pier.  On a finer day I went for a walk and found these gorgeous toadstools and the colours of autumn.

My family and I enjoyed our stay though as we had fun playing Rummycub, Yahtze and doing jigsaws in between our travels.Next installment with be our adventures on Milford Sound. Bye

Holidays with family Part 1

May 2016 saw me off to the South Island for a late Autumn holiday with my family (Son and Daughter in law)  They live in Christchurch and I try to see them at least twice a year now that I am retired. Back in January we had planned a holiday down to the very southern parts of the island  We were all excited as none of us had  ventured past Dunedin or Queenstown. We set off on a fine Saturday for an area called ” The Catlins”  it is on the east coast south of Dunedin and Balclutha. Well known for penguins and wild scenic parks and lots of photo opportunities. My son is an avid photographer and as you know I like taking photos too. We stayed in a nice bach right on the beach at Kaka Point for tor two nights, how lovely to go to sleep with the sounds of the sea washing against the shore.

Sunday was Mothers day and it was so lovely to have it with my family as we could not remember when we were last all together on Mothers day many many years ago anyway. Waking up to the sound of the ocean, being spoilt with a yummy breakfast and a card and gift of a snuggly merino wool wrap for those colder days and nights was wonderful. Then off we set to visit lots of the special places we had been reading about. Wild and windswept in parts and forest and waterfalls in others. There had not been much rain so the water falls were low but still beautiful and we found an amazing mirror lake tucked away down a short walk. No penguins or seals as it did not seem to be the right time but the bird song in the bush was delightful. I was also treated to a lovely lunch. We travelled all around the area, saw great views, trees sculptured out of shape by the fierce southern winds and even a quirky Tea pot Garden.

After a great day out we headed back to Kaka Point for rest and relaxation before setting off the next day for our second destination. Lake Te Anau.

Plein Air Painting and Picnic day

watercolour Middleton bay Opunake plein air 2016-4-14

Last Thursday I woke up to wonderful clear sunny autumn morning. It was too nice to stay home so I decided to set forth to Opunake a lovely beach side town about 33 kilometers from Hawera. I wanted to try painting with my water colours again outside in the “plein air” . I do struggle a little with water colours but practice makes perfect or at least better so away I went. I used a small A5 pad and actually as I favour landscapes I think I need a bigger canvas lol. However after a lovely couple of hours picnicking and doodling and dabbling in my paints I came up with the above painting of Middleton Bay in Opunake. The tide was almost fully in and the sun was shining brightly so my colours are bright as well.

I also took my camera to take photos of the Mountain which is totally bare of snow at the moment. I took some of the Middleton beach as well so you can compare my artistic licence with the real thing. It was a fun day and I will do it again.


Road trip

A couple of weeks ago I set off on a road trip to catch up with several friends. I travelled down to Masterton for 6 days then up the island to Cambridge. Because I like driving off the main highways and exploring my friends told me about highway 54 from Ashurst (Palmerston North)  bypassing Fielding and then connecting with State Highway 1 at Vinegar Hill. They also told me to watch out for this viewing lookout. So I stopped and got some photos.  It was amazing as it shows thousands of years of river beds and how the land was formed. Once I was on Highway 1 I headed north to Taihape and then on up the desert road. it was at least 14 years since I had been on that road so really enjoyed myself.

Stayed with friends in Cambridge and then Morrinsville, huge changes in the roads up there, lots of new express ways and towns being bypassed. It is so nice to catch up with old friends , chat about old times and relax over a wine and a meal, lots of coffee as well. I even fitted in a little art as well and a visit to Raglan.

Then it was time to head home and back to my world of gardens that needed work  and a week filled with meetings. A lovely friend had mowed my lawns so that was a neat surprise.

A road trip  is such fun, find new roads and by ways, sharing experiences with friends and refreshing your own spirits. Do my readers enjoy doing this, I wonder? Do they have the opportunity to drive off into the country , visit old friends and explore their world. We are so lucky in this country that we can be mobile easily. I am blessed to have wonderful friends and a car that takes me safely around the country and the health and time to do it now that I am retired.