Art Journalling again

Over the past couple of months I have been getting out my paints again and also trying out drawing or copying from a book I have. So I have a mix of art journal pages to share with you today.Having my little puppy Gigi now I have to make sure I have taken her for a walk before I sit down in my craft area otherwise……….she gets bored and up to mischief.Fortunately after a 30 minute fast walk she is happy to collapse and snooze while mum plays with her stuff.


Its such fun Mum ……………………………………

So here are some of my new page

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“Create”My word for 2017


January 2017 a new year and while I am not doing resolutions I decided that I would follow a trend of folk I know that choose a word to guide, inspire and encourage them throughout the year. I chose Create because I felt that it could have so many different meanings for me.  For example I would like to create a fitter me; a pretty back garden, a newly decorated bedroom and of course more art.

My first play day was with the Gelli plates which I have not used for ages and ages. I had a wonderful time making lots of printed papers  that I could use for card making and for my art journalling. I decided that the kitchen was the best place to spread out and have fun so away I went, spending most of the day creating getting paint on my fingers and everywhere else ha ha

A couple of days later I decided to use some of my pretty papers and made a range of cards ready for almost any occasion


So My year is of to a good start. More exciting things to come soon in the next chapter


having an artful time

I have been letting that creative side of me shine this month. I almost always work with bright bold colours but this time both pictures are darker or monotone. I like to push my own boundaries. I found a rather gorgeous black and white picture in a magazine and have had it in my stash pile for ages until inspiration struck last week.

Black and white 2016

Then my next  art journal challenge was about being fearless “Everything you want is on the other side of FEAR”. Jack Canfield. I had the opportunity to buy some black gesso and new art products while away over the weekend so yesterday I put this together. I am very happy with both.making progress.:)

8 Positive Challenge Fearless

Relishing life

image Life has been busy these past couple of weeks, been out with friends, busy in the garden, celebrating family birthday and having a good time. My summer crops have been good though a little slow due to lack of  rain but have been getting a steady supply of tomatoes to yesterday I made a small batch of tomatoe relish. I use an old recipe of my grandmothers and it always bring back memories of her when I make it. She was great, still played bowls and rode a bicycle in her early eighties. She taught me to play cribbage and many other card games. She had a tiny kitchenette where she cooked for large family gatherings often, though there was also a coal fire range in the dining room. There was a large old wooden table which we all sat around to have good old Sunday roasts and yummy food. All very plain but well cooked and lots of gravy. I can remember card evenings when we all played children’s games in the early evening then the adults would play euchre or 500. I learnt my maths by playing these games particularly cribbage.

My regret is that these days children do not get this opportunity to sit around with family and play games like these. They teach you so many social skills as well as maths and are fun to do in cross generational groups.

I am busy packing for a trip to Australia to see a cousin in Perth and then friends in Brisbane, but I hope to continue my blog and keep you all informed of my travels. Heres  a  a picture of Nana Walker’s Relish made by me 😋

Peace ?

Yesterday I was moved to paint in blue and purple and it ended up looking a little stormy then I used a feather stencil and this brought the word Peace to my mind. I guess there is so much happening around the centenary of the First World War and ANZAC day is approaching  that I have been feeling how futile it all is. My grandfather went away to fight the  war to end all wars , my father fought in the Second World War and for what I ask myself?  Humans are still fighting all over the planet, they are utterly inhumane to one another. All sides have undertaken torture in the name of their country or religion, Individuals use religious fervour as an excuse to murder and maim yet all religions appear to preach love and forgiveness. Those in power be it secular (or religious) through the ages have used genicide and torture to rid themselves of apponents. Why do we poor humans think anything is going to change. The answer is of course that many of us also live in hope that human beings will one day reach a higher plane on the evolution scale and learn to resolve matters without violence and live in peace and love. please let it be soon. image

Art journaling again yippee

Finally tonight I made the time to sit down and play with my art journal paints and stamps. Can you remember the photos I took on holiday cause this page is a play   on one of them .  It was great to get into my art again. I also finished another project for my Stamping Group which I have just joined. They set a challenge each month and at the December meeting we were given an Easter themed sticker to do something with for the February meeting. I will reveal it after our meeting I am quite proud of what I came up with and am looking forward to see what the rest of the group did.

Art is so individual to each person, I remember a friend once saying that a picture of mine was okay but that I needed to learn the techniques (she is a very good artist ) it actually put me off doing anything for quite sometime. Now I don’t care I am doing it for me and it does not have to be perfect. I am learning to play again. 😆😋🎨

Art journal
Art journal

Creativity where does it come from?


Hi everyone, yesterday we travelled from Blenhiem to Christchurch down the east coast of the South island. It was so nice sitting in the back seat relaxing and watching the wonderful scenery passing by. The sea was such a Gorgeous colour I was trying to capture it in my head when I suddenly thought of trying to use my camera through the window. It sort of worked and then my son slowed down so I could open the window. He also stopped at a spot where I could get relatively close to seals basking on rocks and I took several of those. Today we headed into Christchurch City to a stamp shop where I had to restrain my self as they had so many wonderful stamps for my card crafts and art journal. Then we went to the Restart shopping complex which is completely made up of shipping containers turned into small shops. I had been before but I am always impressed by the creative way the shop owners use these restrictive buildings to make a place that welcomes their customers. Along the way I saw the wall painted with quotes which were so good I got Garth to take a photo of me next to them of course I am pointing to one in particular.  What gets your creativity flowing? landscapes, people, sounds, music emotions or a mix of several? For me I think it is colour, shape and energy mixed such as the constantly changing sea. I can’t wait till I get home and can put paint into my journal and some of my new stamps and a stencil I bought as well …….. Cheers Lynne