Family memories

A couple of weeks ago my siblings and I met to remember our Mum and Dad who had both died in the month of May Mum on the 22nd May 5 Years ago and Dad on the 27th May  35 years ago.

My dear  dad Guy Walker served his country in the second world war, and often talked of his  fun times in Cairo and Italy. He and his friends looked on joining up as a great adventure and this photo of him in his uniform before he left shows some of that.

I don’t think any of us kids realized that he rarely spoke of the bad times and as he was in Egypt and at Cassino in Italy there must of been lots of them. He was a fun Dad liked to get down and play with us kids, had a good sense of humour and liked a social life. He always gardened vegetables and as I was a Daddy’s girl I used to love helping in the garden or with the other jobs he did.We girls had the most years with him as the my brothers were only 13 and 10  when he died very young aged 59 ,  and left my mum with three  grown up daughters and two  boys still at home.

My Mum and Dad met after the second world war, she was boarding next door to his family with an aunt. My father was dared by his brothers to go over in his pajamas and dressing gown and say he had heard she needed a man. It was a great joke and he was invited in and sat talking with her and her uncle and aunt of course. here is a picture of them on their first date and then their wedding day the 26 February 1949



It was great to be together as a family and chat about old times and look through old snaps , most of them black and white but moving into colour as the years passed. My Mum lived until she was 86 and never remarried, she often spoke of Dad and the good and not so good  times they shared together.

Memories and old photos go together and I do worry that this will be lost in this digital age as so many photos are taken but rarely printed or shared except on social media. Ah well that’s the future What will be will be./  Que sera sera.


Thinking of my American followers and other friends

I watched the USA election results unfold and felt sad at the outcome. I know that everyone who voted, voted with their hearts and minds  in the way they wanted. But I fear for the moral compass of America now in the hands of people who seem to only consider material things as important and appear to have little regard for women, other races and the rest of the world. The “I” appears more important to them than the good of all.

So for the first time I woke up and decided to paint out my feelings onto canvas.I took an old brightly coloured early attempt and covered it up and let my feelings direct me.This is my tribute to you all, I have left some splashes of colour peaking out  as I know they will be there as the silver linings in the dark cloud.

My thoughts are with you all at this turbulent time


Agricultural and Pastoral Shows (A & P Shows)

Yesterday I took a friend down to the Waverley A & P Show for an outing. It was a lovely day and Marie and I really enjoyed seeing the livestock, horse riding and sheep herding, calf parades etc. There was a farm fencing competition going on which was most interesting. I also unexpectedly meet a lot of friends from my Library work Days. They were pleased to see me and it was lovely to catch up.  The weather was cool and windy but sunny. we each had the obligatory Hot Dog lol and a coffee. It was nice to see all the families attending this special community event. Children showing their parents or grandparent their work in the Exhibition hall. Sand saucers and cooking and art work everyone so proud of the work and admiring their children. Good to see. here are some Casual shots of a great day

Taranaki Garden Festival 2015

It is spring time in Taranaki and the annual garden festivals are on. There are two which run concurrently. The Powerco Garden Spectacular and The Fringe Garden Festival. I have two friends staying with me from the Waikato who have come to see the gardens. They  took in 6 gardens on their way to me on Monday.  Then yesterday we visited another 6 gardens on a day which offered us typical spring weather, sunshine, cloud, sunshine and a bit of drizzle. It was a lovely day. This morning we woke up to winter again, heavy rain all day and a real drop in the temperature as the wind and rain swung around to the south. Brrr. after a quick trip up town to get supplies and visit our local art Gallery we headed home. Today we all decided was blob out day so on went the heater and extra layers for us all. Oh dear fingers crossed we will get out to more gardens tomorrow. In the meantime here are some of my photos from yesterday.

Girls weekend

Last weekend I spent a lovely time away at Napier with my sisters and niece. It was the famed Art deco weekend and what a buzz almost everyone including us had done their best to dress as per the 1920s or 1930s. Some of the costumes were amazing both male and female, add in jazz and swing music and dancing, vintage cars , the navy in town and the army plus events happening all day and well into the evening and you get some idea of the fun to be had in Napier once a year. The festival is also a tribute to the town and the terrible earthquake which almost wiped out the city  and levelled many of it s buildings in 1931.

There are many beautiful art deco  buildings in the city because that’s when they were all built in the two years after the earthquake. One sister lives near Napier so we all stayed with her. It was so nice to spend family time together we do not always get the chance and being able to share the experiences and get dressed up as well ..what more could a girls weekend need. here’s a link to photos in the newspaper. Do you like to get away with your sisters or family or friends. Where do you head to? My motto for this year  was to try new things and seize every day and this weekend was great. We even went to a special showing of a black and white Movie “Stage Door” Starring a very young Katherine Hepburn, Lucille Ball and Ginger Rogers.

I took some candid shots as well

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