Plein Air Painting and Picnic day

watercolour Middleton bay Opunake plein air 2016-4-14

Last Thursday I woke up to wonderful clear sunny autumn morning. It was too nice to stay home so I decided to set forth to Opunake a lovely beach side town about 33 kilometers from Hawera. I wanted to try painting with my water colours again outside in the “plein air” . I do struggle a little with water colours but practice makes perfect or at least better so away I went. I used a small A5 pad and actually as I favour landscapes I think I need a bigger canvas lol. However after a lovely couple of hours picnicking and doodling and dabbling in my paints I came up with the above painting of Middleton Bay in Opunake. The tide was almost fully in and the sun was shining brightly so my colours are bright as well.

I also took my camera to take photos of the Mountain which is totally bare of snow at the moment. I took some of the Middleton beach as well so you can compare my artistic licence with the real thing. It was a fun day and I will do it again.