Only Three days to Christmas….

Today I want to wish all my followers Seasons greetings for this festive time. I know that we all have different ways of celebrating and also different faiths but this is the time of the year for me to celebrate Christmas. Being a December baby I have always loved Christmas time, the carols, decorating the house and bringing in the Christmas tree or even putting up the fake one; the family traditions and then joy on  peoples faces as they gather with their families and friends.

This year is a little different its been harder somehow to get into the spirit of the season. My decorations are more low key as I have no family visiting this year, I am going to my sister’s for Christmas Lunch then back to my Brother’s for the evening meal.

There have also been so many momentous happenings here in New Zealand with another major earthquake shaking us badly and creating chaos and recently our Prime Minister suddenly resigning,. Internationally Donald Trump in America winning the Presidential race, Brexit in Britain and so many injustices around the world in war zones and terrorism in cities like Paris and just last night Berlin. just to name a few.Each year we ask for Peace but it never happens.

I guess that the best we can do in our small corner of the world is to share love and happiness with those close to us and  in our community  too. As a country far away from the unrest of the world we are known to be generous and supportive of those in need all over the world as well as in our own backyard. We must all lead by example and show the way  so I wish you all

Joy, Peace and Happiness this Christmas and for the coming Year.




Fourteen years ago I moved to my home on a small street in a country town. A little while later my neighbour popped over to say hello and also invited me to a street “get together” they were organising. What a great way to meet all my new neighbours. It was fun casual and every one contributed to the meal. Over the past years these parties have continued children have grown up , parents have got older and of course some people moved and new ones came. We usually gather in summer and then in winter so a couple of weeks ago I decided it must be time and I dropped an invitation into 6 letterboxes. 

It is always a potluck situation and as I prepared my dishes and tidied up the house ( great incentive having visitors ) I wondered how many would be available to come. I had replies from four couples and discovered one neighbour was away overseas in Cyprus ( must catch up with her when she gets back) . 

The. Night was cold but what a lovely warm atmosphere as we gathered together and caught up with everyone’s news and life happenings. You see while we always wave and say a quick hello we rarely sit and chat except at these parties. Conversation flowed back and forth , laughter and smiles as stories were related of past events. Sad stories also about pets who had passed on and elderly parents causing concern around their health. 

The best thing was that no one was tapping away on cellphones we were all talking and focussing on each other. It was so refreshing and reminded me that the art of conversation is so important. I find it so intrusive,exclusive and down right rude when people do not put their phones aside when you are talking to them or at a table enjoying a meal. This is my grouchy moment! 

Back to the party as everyone headed home they were deciding who would host the next one and let’s not leave it so long ……… I went to bed that evening in a warm contented glow.