Puppy Love


This lovely little lady joined my family on the 12th of January. She is a miniature poodle and I have named her Gigi. At 7 months old it is like having a mischievous toddler around the house and also involves house training oops a few puddles but it’s getting better. She has brought laughter into my house again. I am also getting out for walks every day as she is great motivation. Yesterday was a beautiful summers day so we went to the park. Gigi is full of energy for  an hour and then plops down for a wee nap until its time for the next burst. The recycling bin newspaper has taken a few hits bit its relatively easy to clean up. ha Ha she also uses my circular ottoman as part of her race track she is so quick its hard to get her on video as I am busy laughing. Oscar the puddy tat is not so impressed and only comes in at night when she is asleep in her crate. So he lives in the front gardens and Gigi has the back yard. She is actually good with cats unless they run away which Oscar does.Not too worry early days yet. Catch you all later bye



Oscar My new furry family member

After returning from my holiday in the South Island I made an impulsive decision on a wet shopping day. I saw a cat advertised in the SPCA shop window. It looked like a mature cat so I decided right there to go down to the SPCA site where they keep the cats and check it out. I arrived just 5 minutes after the opened which I took to be a good sign LOL but that cat had gone and they only had kittens – which I was not going to get but…… of course I had to have a peek. There asleep in the corner was a little ginger stripy tom, I picked him up and had a wee cuddle. fatal of course I took him home!!! In the last 4 months he has grown from a very timid  shy little kitten to a big brave exploring teenager. He was micro chipped when i got him and I got a free voucher to get him desexed  ( SPCA Charge a minimal $80 dollar for cats)  so he has been to the Vets for his little operation last month and has settled in very well. Still disappears when anyone comes to visit so hes my ghost cat.but has added fun and laughter back into my life. It is not the same as Poppy but maybe a little dog  will come later.

Farewell to Poppy

Ears flying in the wind Princess Poppy

When we loose a pet who has brought joy and laughter fun and love into our lives it hits us in the heart and we find our lives depleted. Sadly my dear little Poppy became very ill suddenly and though my vets tried their best for her she did not make it and I lost her on the 30th of December. It made the closing of the year very sad and instead of celebrating the New year as I usually do I retreated into myself  and grieved.

We need to do this and give ourselves time to cope with loss no matter whether it is a pet a family member or a friend. We all do it in our own ways as well. My family and friends were all incredibly supportive as I knew they would be. The neighbours who always walked their dog past our gate and talked to Poppy as she and their dog raced up and down the fence barking at each other were most upset and brought me a card and biscuits. Another friend who was away at the time visited this week with flowers and condolences.

My house is so empty without Poppy bouncing around barking when people go past and excitedly barking to tell me friends are arriving. She always curled up on my knee whenever I sat down and at night slept on my bed. Having lost Sam my cat earlier last year I am finding it very quiet and still around the house.

She came into my life as a rescued waif and was afraid and timid. Gradually as she learned to trust me she changed into a joyful and loving companion.I only had to think walk and she sensed it and was bouncing up and down by the door and when it came to baths it was uncanny because she did not like them and even though I would try to “sneak” up on her she seemed again to know what I was thinking and would disappear under the bed where I could not reach her so then I had to woo her out. I have so many happy memories that I am using to keep going on my sad moments

My nephew helped my bury her in a special spot in my back Garden. There is a seat of flowers that I already had there so Poppy is safely behind it in the corner and I have planted poppies and more flowers in that corner which I look on to from the kitchen.

So I close this post with one of my favourite pictures of Poppy taken several years ago on Raglan Beach  she will always be remembered with Love.




Agricultural and Pastoral Shows (A & P Shows)

Yesterday I took a friend down to the Waverley A & P Show for an outing. It was a lovely day and Marie and I really enjoyed seeing the livestock, horse riding and sheep herding, calf parades etc. There was a farm fencing competition going on which was most interesting. I also unexpectedly meet a lot of friends from my Library work Days. They were pleased to see me and it was lovely to catch up.  The weather was cool and windy but sunny. we each had the obligatory Hot Dog lol and a coffee. It was nice to see all the families attending this special community event. Children showing their parents or grandparent their work in the Exhibition hall. Sand saucers and cooking and art work everyone so proud of the work and admiring their children. Good to see. here are some Casual shots of a great day

Walks on the beach

Yesterday was a lovely spring day sunny but with a fresh breeze. A friend and I decided to take our little dogs for a walk and blow the cobwebs away. I packed a picnic for us and after our walk we all sat in the sun looking at the views. These are the times that I really appreciate being “retired” as I can just do what ever the impulse is and today was the beach.  I took lots of photos of Poppy  and her little friend Olley. Poppy is a bit of a Prima Donna and does not get her feet wet whereas Olley was all for it after his first fright when a wave nearly got him. he had not been to the beach before. The river was easy and he was happy paddling while Princess Poppy stayed on dry land. 🙂 It is lovely to think of the happy warm days coming especially when today has turned overcast and cool.

Ohawe Beach
Ohawe Beach
Ears flying in the wind Princess Poppy
Ears flying in the wind Princess Poppy
Olley exploring
Olley exploring
swim maybe its a bit cold mum
swim maybe its a bit cold mum

I’m Back – Saying Goodbye

I have been busy the last few weeks going to interesting meetings and seeing friends for coffee etc. However last week was a sad one as it became obvious that my dear old Cat “Sam the Man” was going downhill fast. he had been gradually loosing weight and was sleeping a lot more than normal. Sam was almost 16 and I had had him for most of those years. So on a beautiful sunny tuesday I gathered him into my arms , he was so light and having trouble breathing and took him to the vets. It was the kindest thing I could do for him and he now rests in peace in a sunny spot in the garden where I often saw him. Pets love us unconditionally and we love them back even when making the hard decisions, its part of that love.


Soaking up the sun’s warmth

imageThis morning  Sam my old cat is sitting in his usual place dozing in the sun while I read the newspaper in bed. Cats just know where the warmth is to be found and then they soak it up. It is autumn now but we are having a very long Indian summer, the farmers and those of us with gardens are now crying out for rain. However the sun is shining the rain clouds stay away and the kids at the school over the road are enjoying playing in the morning sun before school starts.

How wonderderfil to be so carefree and not worrying about the tasks that need to be done and to relax and enjoy natures gifts. Of course when it gets too hot Sam moves. To a shady place and carrys on snoozing. Poppy meanwhile is also snoozing  on the end of the bed  the sun has not reached her yet but I am sure she knows it will. Poppy also listens to the cars parking outside bringing the children to school and wakes up to growl at them, after all no one is supposed to park out side our place ( or so she thinks ) I block the cat/dog door to the front yard now or she races outside barking furiously  at every car.

I love both my pets and appreciate their differences just as I apreciate the differences between my family and my friends it is something we all need to do. There is great debate on here at the moment over foreign drivers in New Zealand causing accidents. We drive on the left side of the road and our roads are narrow and twisty in places. It has got very emotive as there have been some deaths due to poor driving But there are just as many really bad New Zealand drivers and the statistics are showing that tourist accidents have not increased over the past ten years so it is a lot of media hype that is feeling the situation. We want tourists to come and enjoy our country yet we are now discriminating against them. I do not know the answers but let’s stop the shouting and find kind ways to approach the problem.no one sets out to deliberately drive badly or kill someone else or their own family on the road.

Upward and onward the day is calling me my friends may the sun be shining for you