Home Sweet Home

Well after a great ten days spent with my family I am home. And it is such a nice feeling to walk into my space and be greeted by an ecstatic dog dancing on her hind feet so pleased to see me. The cat of course is a different matter. He strolled out looked at me ….good you’re back where’s my tea? …. This is the main difference between the species. A cat walks alone and you are their servant. A dog just loves you wants to be with you and greets you with love as soon as you get home. We can all learn from dogs and I do not understand anyone who mistreats dogs.

Don’t get me wrong dear old Sam spent the night purring in my ear on the bed while Poppy was curled up on the other side and I sweltered as it was a warm night  LOL. But I miss them both when I am away.  🙂

Been catching up on chores so no art journaling yet . The garden needed lots of attention so have been working outside and also stocking up my grocery cupboards again. Friends and family have helped with a couple of bigger outside tasks which was very good of them. Maybe a bit of art will happen tonight  or at least a start will be made …………… here is a picture of something I did  awhile ago